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Monday, December 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning in December

Every trip requires a little bit of preparation. Due to the last minute nature of this adventure, the four of us have spent the past 3 days running around trying to make sure that we will be ready for our winter excursion. Purchases from Outdoors Oriented, rummaging through our basements for camping equipment and asking our Facebook networks for snowshoes has defined the past 72 hours. This time around, we have been kind to our snack budget, and have made some delectable dried treats, including dried apples, bananas and Torpedo Jerky (our new specialty).

Sorels. Good to -40 and then some.
Jamie working the dehydrator, like a champ.

Today, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Lily, giving her the final clean before we leave. It's always fun finding trinkets and souvenirs from our past travels, and today was no exception. Reading through our guest book is always a joy, and I even found the golden hood ornament that we failed to install in Quebec. Old parking/driving violations also turned up during the clean up, but quickly found a home in the garbage. I'm pretty sure one of us paid The New Jersey Turnpike Association...

While searching through this stuff was fun, there were also some things in the cupboards I would have rather not come across. All I will say is that The Open Road Project has truly tested the term "non-perishable" and has come out with a victory, whether we wanted it or not. There were things that should have been found a home in the garbage well before we even left for our last trip out east in May...

If there is one thing I know, it's that winter is different from summer. This fact naturally calls for different preparations. We now have a new new additions to the interior of Lily, including a nice runner to keep our feet off the cold ground, a welcoming floor mat for snowy shoes and boots and a cozy basket of slippers. My mother also put together some great shoe boxes filled with various items including some warm winter gear, granola bars and a few toiletries for us to give away to any cold friends we may meet along the way. It was crazy going through our closets and finding all of the old coats and sweaters we don't wear anymore. Got two coats? Give one away! It seems rather logical to me, so hopefully we find good opportunities to find this stuff a new home.

All of our regular traveling necessities including a spare battery, jumper cables, generator, Jerry-can gas reserve, extra oil and a jug of kerosene, are all neatly stowed away in their proper places. It feels good to be ready, and it feels good to be heading back on the road!

Warm feet: essential.

Lily's new, classy rug.

Selfies are running rampant these days. Someone must stop this. At least I found a neat hat.
I could hardly be more excited for tomorrow, especially since New Years Day tends to be one of the most boring of the year, in my opinion. Come 08:00, we will officially be in trip mode ready for whatever adventure lies ahead!

Home is where you park it,
The Boys

Post by Jeremy Enns

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  1. So proud of all of you. Can't wait to hear where the warm coats will find new homes. You guys are all truly young humanitarians. A tuna can of young disciple/good samaritans ready for the road. God Bless ♥