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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's About Time!

Hello once again, faithful readers! It's about time we got back on the ol' blogosphere, and why not return with some exciting news?

Without further ado, we are honoured, delighted, excited, even behooved (imagine that!) to announce that The Open Road Project will be ringing in the New Year with our first ever winter excursion. We (Jamie, Dylan, Jordan and Jeremy) are heading out on a winter camping trip in West Virginia that is sure to be a chilling time. Along the way, we hope to share some meals with strangers, give out some warm clothes during this cold season and perhaps do some rogue driveway shoveling where we see the need.

We will depart during the wee morning hours of the 1st and drive for most of the day. Our exotic destination is called the mighty Spruce Knob. Not only is the name hilarious, but this dream destination holds a plethora of mountain milestones, and is one of the most prominent "peaks" east of the Mississippi River. Exciting stuff. You will  hear more about The Knob in the coming posts.

This evening, we took dear Lily down to the local Coffee Shoppe, Tim Hortons, caught up with each other and dreamt about the coming adventures. We are super stoked to get away for a few days, find our inner hunter/gatherer and relax before we head back to school and work.

Stay tuned; we will be updating the blog as we go.

Lily lookin' good as ever.
"It's great. It's us." - Dylan Hamm

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