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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dont Veto your Vote

Today, was the first time Jeremy and I got to vote as Canadian citizens in the Federal election. It was easy, neat, and a satisfying experience.

For me, my voting location was Pine Grove, which happens to be my old elementary school. It was place that I associate with my childhood, carefree days where the halls seem big and 15 minute recess lasted forever. Today, almost paradoxically, I was back in the building for the first time in years, on a short 15 minute break from my employment search. It donned on me as I was standing in the same gym that I used to make fart noises with my armpits- I am here now a voting adult.

the process was cool, I registered myself, they confirmed my citizenship, handed me my ballot, and I voted. Simple as that, and just the way Calvin (our teacher) explained it in the good old days of civics class.

Plus, Old people will look at you with respect. One lady even gave me some sweets. That was nice too.

All in all: good experience, and worth the 15 minutes. If you haven't voted yet, hop online read the platforms and go vote you likely wont regret it.

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