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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Muskoka, my friends.

This past weekend a few of us buddies from Laurier made a bit of a spontaneous trip up to the
cottage to visit Mike Dwyer and Alex Kellermann working in Muskoka. It was the life. Granted, their typical day would be a little bit different waking up a 6 and working like dogs, but the weekend, the beautiful weather, the few beers, the lounging on the boathouse balcony- it can't get much better.
I bussed to Mississauga, met up with a good friend Hussein and we were off. Cruising to Toby TechRhymes (koodos if you know who that is) and revelling in the anticipation of a weekend with no responsibility. The weekend was the definition of leisure with a little taste of luxury on the side. I say this because the Dwyer's cottage isn't exactly what you'd call standard...
With enough beds to comfortably sleep about 27, a personal putting green, a boat house on a lake Rosseau and inside it- 3 speed boats (all for different occasions of course) not to mention the cottage was decked with just about every classic cottage furnishing you could want. Dwyer's old man, Kdawg came up for the morning bringing our buddy Miller, and he also dropped off some crucial necessities- like our dinner. 80 dollars worth of 1.5 inch New York striploin steak... I don't mind if I do. so we Q'd those up, cracked a cold one and relaxed. Heres some applicable words of wisdom: when life is good- Love It. the weekend was fantastic, I also learned a new game called Golfy that invovles golf, beer, and consequently- fun. Now however, I am a working man, and it will likely not be until the Muskoka open until I get to go back- so I patiently await that day. So thats the end of that, but not quite the end of the story...

The ride back was a bit of an adventure itself, Husse drove Miller and I home, or a least miller home, and me to the bus stop- almost. I for some reason convinced myself that the bus left at 5 (which ended up being false) so at about 4:50, when we missed the Dixie exit, It's safe to say I was a little bit stressed. I spotted the bus pick up location from the Highway, and in a moment of impulse Husse obliged to pull over on the shoulder of the highway, i grabbed my things, hoped out, yelled bye at him and started to sprint. Off of the highway, over the vehicle barrier, jumping the chain fence and kept on sprinting.

So you can see here friends, in this photo that looks as if it was recovered from some serious COPS footage. What appears to be a convict trying to elude the strong arm of the law, is simply in fact a harmless guy just trying to not miss a bus....which he made in time!

as it arrived only about 2 and a quarter hours later...

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