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Friday, April 1, 2011


As it turns out the madness in my march did include its healthy dose of basketball. On monday my Intramural team made an unexpected run to the finals where we lost a hard fought game to finsih 2nd overall in our division. Not to shabby for a bunch a' throw together first years.
more significantly, on Sunday RAC hosted Rez Rumble. If you are not familiar, this year i have dedicated some serious time as a member of the Residence Athletic Council (RAC) and its been a blast. REZ RUMBLE is potentially one of our biggest events aside from our
weekly leagues. what it is, is a charity student-don basketball game. To get to participate i got to raise money for the chairty Right to Play and thank to Little House I raised almost 300. our overall goal for the 14 residences was $2500. we exceeded that and raised almost 400 bones! the game was a blast. it was East vs. West All Star style. with the campus split down the middle to divide the teams. little House falls on the east side and we were donning the blue jerseys. we did our best to fill the bleachers and a lot of students and dons came out to support the charity game. at halftime we had a dunk comp, and prior to we presented the charities with the much neccessary novelty sized cheques of course...

This snap is a pic of most of the players and coaches. it was one of the highlights of the year for me. especially as part of my RAC memory. that was a great day. and Laurier did some great stuff for two great charities, Right to Play and Bracelet of Hope.

we won by 1. sick game.

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