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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby.

This year Jer and I applied to be Ice-Breakers during O-week next year. The role of a Breaker is basically to ensure that your designated floor of first years have to best time possible, and feel extremely welcomed to Laurier during the Orientation Week. My breakers, Pat kate and richa this year were unreal and im stoked to do the same next year along side Jer.

This application process for ice breaking is surprisingly rigorous as the position is quite popular. i believe there is approx. 200 ice breakers each year and this year over 800 Applied!

first you submit an online application

>> then if thats accepted you make the interview stage.

after the interview. is perhaps the most memorable part of all applicants. THE CREATIVE.

if you havent seen our creative yet. (facebook circulates quite well) this is what we threw together.

click here to CHECK IT OUT

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