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Sunday, March 13, 2011

There's nothing quite like it.

Lately schools been pretty busy. Ive been working pretty hard, and its seems these days, the more i work- the more i procrastinate. they sort of go hand in hand really. My life has become two modes. work mode. vs. procrastinate mode.

the constant battle rages.

if it wasn't for my 30 page business report due;
my room wouldn't be nearly this clean.

if it wasn't for my economics midterm;
i would never have bothered to listen to Josh Earls and his infamous 9/4/11 predication of future economic crisis. (clearly based on his wealth of economic knowledge from EC 140)

if it wasn't for daily lab readings;
i wouldn't be nearly as practiced at writing my signature.

To anyone who has ever learned paper origami, that cool pen-finger-spin trick, Rubic's Cube or Sudoku;
you already know my dear friend procrastination.

but most importantly, if it wasn't for hard work mode;
the things we do wouldn't quite have the same appeal, and we would all just be spending our time aimlessly doing semi-cool stuff.

and at this exact moment writing on this blog is my semi-cool thing. so if reading it is yours because you otherwise should be reading textbooks, writing essays or thinking... cheers to you!

Cheers, to procrastination:
The instant gratification of delaying Suck.

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