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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Hike

It is most likely not a surprise to many people that I love the outdoors. The first Saturday we were in Bolivia, we had the opportunity to go for a hike in the backyard of the guesthouse we were staying at. AKA, miles and miles and miles of mountain trails. Needless to say, I was loving life. Just being out in the mountains was so refreshing. Green all around, fresh air, the sound of the river flowing and the warm breeze. Just thinking about it makes me want to be back. It was a good hike and I'm glad we did that instead of lounging around in the hammocks all afternoon (also a way I spent lots of time star gazing and such). Anyway, here is a pic of some of the scenery.

After this, we went to the girls home to set up for Carla's birthday party. It was her 15th which is a huge deal in Bolivia. Essentially it is a coming of age ceremony. It was so great for me to see how much of a big deal they made it. In a house of 22 girls, I could see a lot of these parties happening. Still, no expenses were spared. Cakes, food, decorations and a hired DJ with a big ol' sound system. It was super fun just dancing around with all the kids, having a good time. When it was time for the ceremony, her 15 friends each grabbed their dates to get ready for the ceremony. There are 15 couples that are a part of it, each representing one year of her life. Well, turns out, they were short on guys. Also turns out that I am a guy. When they asked me to be a part of the ceremony I could not have felt more special. I had been in the country less than 24 hours and got to be part of this special event. Us Enns' have a way of getting into places were we are usually not supposed to be. Oh, some of you smarter readers may have caught on that there were 15 couples. Yes I did get to have a date. I even got asked out. Not hatin' that. Sarah is a volunteer working with the foundation during her year after high school. She is a cool cat and it was nice to make a new friend who knew the ropes a little bit more than I did. I had a really great first Saturday night in Bolivia, waltzing away. Here is a little pic of the party crew.

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