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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Casino Night

Quite possibly the best tuesday of my life. It probably wont be any big surprise when i explain why. If you know anything about me, you would know that everything about me would love the idea casino night. The IRC held a casino night called Mo'sino Royale. which combined a charitable fundraiser night with the cause of Movember. motivated by my filth stash and my love for gambling games, i got chosen to be a Blackjack dealer for the event. The IRC went all out, hiring an official dealer instructor black jack tables, roulette, poker. they turned the place into a convincing casino.
Me, like a kid in a candy store i was loving life.
You woulda thought ive been doing it for years, engaging the players, flippin cards at light speed, and taking tips like a pro.
mildly concerned my inclination to gambling has re-surfaced, it was for charity and it was a great night.

However the most bittersweet part of all, tomorrow is December first and i have to bid adieu
to one month of dedication and hard work.

At least now i can talk to girls again... see you next year, friend.

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