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Sunday, October 10, 2010


You know when you see someone doing something, and all you can do is think to yourself , "Man, i wish that was me doing that thing right now." well it keeps happening to me ...alot. The first is the obvious, Jer on his stupid cool longboard, with his stupid dreads that blow in the wind, and his cool headnods to other long boarders, and or, people with dreads. it's a little bit tough to travel with the guy. he zooms ahead catching all the glances of the cute girls, and im the goofy guy half jogging to keep up. but that's fine. it's his thing and it's rad.

the next is Raf. As a solution to solve the problem of his enormous campus he has engineered an equally ingenious mode of transportation. Scooters. yeah (like the kind from grade 6). it's so cool,
it's efficient- i've seen him clock at least bike speed,
its stylish- he looks like Hansel from zoolander.
its adaptable- indoors? outdoors? its all the same when your on a scooter.
its storable- Raf's unit collapses, and its like he's not even holding an awkward piece of metal.
however i think the best part of all is, its catching on.
Raf and Paul have formed a legitimate club for the appreciation of scootering, and i would just like to mention it real quick to add to it's critical acclaim.
University of Waterloo's Scooter Alliance (UWSA) is snow balling in popularity. with funding from their school, and a fierce logo i only wish i still had my scooter. but it's fine, it's his thing, and it's rad.
everybody's got their thing. and it's got me thinking, who's walks anymore?
- I would make my thing 'morphing around', (me and jer on the right) but it get itchy and hard to breath.
- I would make my thing roller bladeing, but don't like scraping my kees.
- i would make my thing running, but i hate looking like im late for class. it's really quite unfortunate. these guys have all found the coolest methods of mobility. and im left in the dust; walking.

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