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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I found out something sweet. Tim, Tyrone, Jamie and I were playing a classic game of Settlers (if you don't know what that is, shame on you) and the topic of my new glasses came up. I showed them to Tim and Tyrone and they were like, YO MAN YOU LOOK REALLY HIP AND NEAT WEARING THOSE. So I let Tim take a look at them and he quickly informed me of my incredible style choice of getting Brooks Brothers glasses. Tim, convinced that Brooks Brothers produce only quality products, couldn't stop commenting on how neat it was that it was almost as if the frames were broken, but since they were NEW glasses, it must just be a new and innovative style, (clearly he doesn't follow the blog often enough) and as a result he was hoodwinked to believe I had bought myself some designer frames. So after the hilarious conversation convincing him I knew what product I had on my hands and having him believe they were designed to be beyond crooked and broken, I learned the cost of these spectacles, and realized that someone may be looking for these expensive frames. So since our blog gets about, 20,000 views a day, if these glasses are yours, message me and I would be happy to return them to you. (NOTE: bent frame does unfortunately = broken.)

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  1. Wait a minute. Wasn't I there for that, too?