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Friday, October 22, 2010


So it's been a week now, and finally i'm confident that my difficult situation has now been resolved. Basically, my nightmarish week, all turned out for the best. yet, i still cant help but think, ...if only someone could have told me this last week.

let me fill in the gaps.

one week ago for BU111 we had to finalize our proposal for new venture. you may remember my "Meet Market" idea that got vetoed pretty hard, so i kept working at it, and we came up with something, that in my opinion is pretty great. its a not-for profit organization, and ill explain it further later. for now all you need to know is- we felt pretty stellar about our idea and was stoked to give'r on this report.

inevitably, our enthusiasm shifted to anticipation which shifted to anxiety as the deadline approached. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 12 NOON, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Thursday night rolls around, my attitude was positive- "lets finish this thing".
*work though the night*
....friday morning rolls around, my attitude was willing "lets finally finish this thing".
*cut, paste, edit*
....1130am rolls around, my attitude was determined "lets just get this thing printed."

Katie, max, brandon and I, head over to the HUB to get this beauty printed out, with a cool 20 minutes to spare. (unexplainably my groupmates were getting anxious) then this happened...
Lady at the HUB - "umm im sorry the file on your USB isnt compatible...did you use a mac?"
not the ideal thing i wanted to here, especially as i was standing in line, holding my mac, and watching the minutes go by. (explainably my groupmates are getting anxious)
no problem, im taking CP102- imma computer whiz, click, click save. (11:42am)
head back over, "try this lady!"
*printing* WE HAVE THE DOCUMENT, walking over to the SBE building to turn this badboy in when I, rather luckily, noticed the page numbers didn't print. hmmmm thats strange....i continue looking it over...WHAT THE!?!? this isnt the right document (11:49)
RUN back to the HUB, "Hey! it printed the worng copy!? (at this point, my group is rather frantic.)
i whip out my macbook, she offers to take a look to print the correct revised document. (11:51)
Lady at the HUB- upon noticing my background (a pic from zambia), she begins to ask me if i've been to africa, and telling me about her trip to uganda.
OK lady, thats great, but this things overdue in 9 minutes...so would you mind.... (she understood)
...printing...printing....verifying that is the correct one (i checked twice to make sure)
and ran over too the business building. (11:56) submitted the document.

down to the wire, but we did it! got it in on time, and as long as we have the online version in by midnight, were in the clear!

....if only it were that easy.

4 am that night, i jolt up in bed. did we submit the online version...
in the euphoria of the down to the wire printing catastrophe, we completely over looked the the online submission, and our worst fears were realized, zero on our first large assignment.

i had to wait untill monday before we could make our appeal to Jim, the department head, and plead our case to accept our business proposal. over the weekend, i heard many success, and horror stories about people who have found themselves in the same situation. on moday we would find our fate.

i was almost more nervous for this meeting, than anything i can remember. I suited up, need to look official, and practiced using big words, (Understanding the prudent influence of vocalizing intellectual disposition) and I walk in and....
...killed it.

Jim was more than understanding, he was sympathetic to our situation and willing to give us a second chance. our given redemption does have some stipulations however, and if ya know katie doherty....im sure she'll just love if you can ask her bout it ;).
maybe not.

but it was, after all, a very happy ending. and because this is a happy blog, i refused to post these events unitl i was sure that was the case.
so yeah, my groups great. we've since submitted another assign, which turned out great.
- and were kinda like one, interesting, multi-cultural, sometimes (dis), sometimes functional family.
and im starting to love it.

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