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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Every time we hit the road, we meet amazing people, create amazing memories and learn some important life lessons. After we got home on Saturday night, we lit a huge fire on Lake Ontario and talked about our trip. The highs and the lows always provide good perspective for us going forward. We also talk about things that we are thankful for and during this trip there are a few things we remember in particular.

We are thankful for no mechanical failures.
We are thankful for the incredible timing that created to an amazing adventure.

In the four trips that Lily has embarked on since we have owned her, this is the first one that didn't involve an encounter with a mechanic. Transmissions, alternators, brake cylinders and push rods are just a few of the many things that we have had to replace over the two years we have been tripping. Usually, our trips to the mechanic end up being significant parts of our trips, but thankfully, Lily decided to co-operate this time around.

Timing is always an interesting to think about when we live on the road. Every day is a link in the chain that becomes our adventure. All of our group decisions contribute to this chain, so it is always interesting to look back at how we all shaped the experience with our different leadership styles and decision making processes. If we wouldn't have left Philly on Friday night, we wouldn't have made it to Scranton, but if we had stayed an extra afternoon in Pittsburgh, we never would have been able to meet up with Janice and her family. This isn't a revolutionary way of thinking, all of life moves like this, but it is always great to be able to isolate a week and reflect on how things came about.

We did a lot in a week. We visited three major American cities and stopped in a bunch of others. We met some amazing people and made some great memories. We were able to lend a helping hand when the opportunities arose and made a lot of people smile with our RV antics. Our friendships are stronger and we learned a lot about community.

All in all, The Open Road Project D.C. was a great success. Now it's time to plan our next adventure.

Home is where you park it,
The Boys

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