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Thursday, May 2, 2013


We woke up in Rockville, ready to take on The Capital. As we drove in, we were surprised by how far along spring was. The greenery on each side of the George Washington Memorial Highway was just exquisite.

We crossed the river and D.C. was upon us. Naturally, we drove around all of the historic sites to get a feel for the city. We may have also been blasting our Vuvuzela horn contraption, honking our horn, waving incessantly and tossing chocolate bars to pedestrians, taxis and security guards alike. I'm sure it was quite a spectacle.

The reason I'm sure it was a spectacle may be because within 20-30 minutes of this madness, we noticed three white vehicles in our rear view mirror. Secret Service. Once we had pulled over, we recognized that we weren't dealing with regular police officers. These were Obama's bros.

The nice thing about us is that we never have anything to hide. Our blog is plastered all over our RV, Lily, so it's easy to tell our story. Although we thought they were going to ask us to quit disturbing the peace with our honking, the reason for our being stopped was due to our broken tail light and slight bumping of a curb as we turned a corner. After the officers realized that we weren't impaired, we had a nice chat about the best sights to see in D.C. and where to park. Sometimes I wonder what these people think about us.

After parking, we mapped out a route to walk and got to it. Before we got to any of the sights, we noticed some young men packing up a large events tent from a recent function. We stopped to give them a hand and ended up learning some cool stuff about the students who were working to pay their way through school.

On our drive in, we tossed some chocolate to someone who would become our new friend and give us the inside scoop on everything D.C.. His name was Fred and he is the security guard and the Bank Of America right beside the White House.  Quickly, we realized that this guy knew D.C. so anytime we would need direction, we would come to him.

We saw the White House, the Washington Monument and hung out with our pal Lincoln. It was an interesting and educational day to say the least. As we toured, we handed out snacks and Love Dollars to people we would meet.

All in all, it was a great day. We were able to see some sights, meet some people and lend a hand. We decided we would spend one more day in the D.C. in order to see some of the Smithsonian museums.

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