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Sunday, May 5, 2013

D.C. Pt II

Our second day in D.C. brought with it a number of free museums. We spent most of our day at the Smithsonians, with the Natural History and Air & Space museums being among our favorites. We were disappointed to find out that White House tours had been cancelled for the time being, due to budget cuts. Perhaps that was an excuse to keep us out... Regardless, we had a great day. Another highlight was eating at a famous D.C. food truck. The Fojol Bros and their delicious butter chicken treated us right. Here are some pictures.

Tyrone grabbing life by the horns at the Natural History Museum


Aviation is A.O.K!
Once we were done with the museums, we headed northeast to a town called Columbia. A friend of my mothers lives there, and she took us all out for a steak dinner! We ate with Janice and three of her five kids, Allison, Michael and Ashley. I had not seen any of these folks since they visited us in Ontario when I was younger, so it was great to catch up. That night we slept at Ashley's house, thankful for showers and free WiFi. We rested our heads that night, realizing that we had just conquered D.C., while narrowly escaping the Secret Service. Accomplishing what we had set out to do was a good feeling. Everything after this point could be considered bonus. Oh, and bonus did we get.

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