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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Steel City

We have made it safely to our first stop: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are comfortably lounging in the basement of Tom and Julie's house. These two have stayed with my parents a few times over the years during their vacations to Niagara, so they were excited to return the favor to four wandering travellers.

The drive was pleasant and the boys are doing an excellent job becoming familiar with Lily's quirks. The border was an easy cross, which is always a pleasant surprise. Most of the drive was rainy and we napped, read, ate and chatted as the wiper blades sloshed away.

The rain had stopped once we reached Pittsburgh and we were amazed how the big city sort of popped up out of no where. When we arrived at Tom and Julie's, we became reacquainted after a few years having not seen eachother. We were welcomed with open arms. Over a delicious pizza dinner, we had some great conversation; stimulating and enriching.

As the meal was ending, Tom asked us if we wanted to see Pittsburgh at night. An unwritten rule with The Open Road Project is that we always say yes. So we headed to the top of Mt. Washington and enjoyed this beautiful view.

In the morning, we are going to see some more of Pittsburgh and then continue on our journey. Starting off are trip with such hospitality may very well have spoiled us. Breakfast in the morning will not disappoint.

Home is where you park it,
The Boys


  1. Boys, love the pic of the 4 of you overlooking the Steel City, you all look very happy, was it the pizza?? Keep us updated, we are excited for you and envious all at the same time. The Maguire Family.

  2. Boys, late breaking news from the pages of USATODAY, they rated the best burgers in all 50 states and D.C., so your challenge is to find these 2 joints and try one on:for D.C., ROGUE STATES, grilled over Mesquite, multiple locations and for Arlington, Virginia, close by to D. C. (and of course home of the National War cemetery, JFK and the like...), you'll want to try RAY's HELL BURGER on Wilson Blvd, and apparently Obama is a fan. Happy eating!!