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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We woke up to the smell of sizzling bacon. Yes please. After a delicious breakfast made by Julie, we were off to hit the town, thankful for our full stomachs. Tom was an excellent guide and gave us the insider’s tour of the city. We stopped at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) and explored some very impressive buildings. Naturally, we left our mark for any other tourists who may be visiting the classrooms.
Tim dancing because he's so stoked about parking
U Pitt
Monkeying around at the antique shop

As our tour continued, we found ourselves at Peace Love & Little Donuts. Outside, we met a young lad, Derek, who had recently been seriously injured in a skateboarding accident. The pictures his mother showed us were quite gruesome. After we chatted for a while, we left Derek with a small gift for his bravery, some Skittles. We also checked out Enrico's Biscotti, which apparently is on of the best bakeries in America. We also saw the Heinz factory and where our good buddy Sidney Crosby likes to toss a puck around.

Derek, his family, and a little love

When we got back to Tom and Julie's lovely abode, another sweet, sweet aroma was filling the house. We sat down for an amazing Spanish jambalaya and enjoyed every bite after our busy morning.

Thank you Tom and Julie for your amazing hospitality!  You gave us the perfect beginning to our adventure. 

After signing the guest book and saying goodbye, we pulled out onto the road, our sights set on DC.

Home is where you park it, 
The Boys

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  1. hey fellas, if you like mexican food theres a spot to grab some breakfast just a little bit past 175 and 95 (youll probably be heading up that way) called r & r taqueria.