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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Arborist

While we were chatting at our Victoria Day bonfire, Dan’s dad asked us if we had plans for the morning. He was in luck, because well, we hardly ever have plans. He is an arborist and had a tree that was cut up and in need of relocation. Easy peasy.

We woke up early, enjoyed some delicious coffee from a percolator, and headed over to the job site. If you haven't had percolated coffee in a tin, stovetop percolator, you really need to percolate some up, as the percolating is pleasant for the palate.

Anyway, there is an old German saying, 'viele hande macht schnelle ende!' which translates (with less rhyme) to 'many hands make light work.' It’s also likely that you have heard this saying, but it’s fun to pretend like I’m sharing wisdom. We had the whole tree in the trailer in a matter of minutes, and we were rewarded with some made in Sackville ginger snaps. They were delicious and the box was gone rather quickly.

This was also a cool job, because the tree was on the property of a small museum, and we were given an exclusive early morning tour. There was a really neat old book collection and some great models of what the town used to look like. History is cool, I promise.

After we had looked around, we took the wood from the museum to a farm just outside of town. But this isn’t your ordinary farm, no sir, this is a very interesting new project that some passionate folks are starting. Although in its infancy, the goal is to have people who have varying degrees of autism live on the farm.  These folks will learn to cultivate the land and live in community together. It was a fascinating project for us to hear about and it was encouraging to see an idea that looks to integrate, rather than segregate. It was also nice that since we helped with the job, the farm wasn't charged any money! Win-win-win, love when that happens.

Once we finished stacking the wood, it was time to say goodbye to Sackville. What a great town! Big thanks to everyone who welcomed us with open arms! It was also nice that it was only about 10:00 and we had already had a productive morning filled with learning and labour. Usually at 10, we would be just starting the day…

Also, just as a side note, The Arborist would make a cool band name, so dibs.


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