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Friday, May 25, 2012

What We Found in PEI

Very quickly we found out that Prince Edward is not with us anymore. He passed away on a cold winters eve in 1820.

However, we did meet some fantastic folks while hanging out in Charlottetown. Right after we parked our vehicle downtown, we walked through this nice little courtyard area with old buildings all around. We also noticed a few photographers and asked them what was going on. We were then informed that we were at the provincial parliament buildings and that legislation was just getting out. Then the nice lady let us know that the Premier of the province was right behind us!

We turned and he came to greet us.  With the polished grace and elegance of a young charismatic politician, he welcomed us to his province, asked us where we were from, shook our hands, told us not to drink too much, and if we did, he suggested that we park our RV close to the bar and not drive till the morning. This was also after farmer MacDonald told us that if we ended up in jail, he would bail us out. I guess it's fairly customary to have a good time (or too good a time) on the island.

We wandered down to the port and found the distribution center (retail store) for the world's supply of the famed DIRT SHIRTS.  These reddish-brown cotton garments are a true classic for any tourist visiting PEI, but since we try to refrain from most touristy activities, we saved our money for a nice dinner.  We set up the basketball net close to the water and started to play. This was when we started to meet the locals.

Among the many folks who came to chat and play ball, was a guy named Blair. This was the right guy to find. We ended up chatting for a while, and since he had nothing to do that night, went out for dinner with him. We quickly found out that Blair was the gateway to Atlantic Canada. Since he was from New Brunswick, living in PEI, with friends in Nova Scotia, he really helped us plan out the last week of our trip. He told us people to see and places that would need help, and even paid for part of our meal.

Feeling refreshed from our relaxing time on the island, we headed back to the cottage to sleep, excited for the adventures to come.

P.S. Our quest for McLobsters has been unsuccessful thus far...

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