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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Halifax: The City of Dreams

While Halifax isn't actually the city of dreams (it's actually the City of Trees), the slogans of many of the small towns we passed during our journey were at least that bad. It was most entertaining reading these slogans and wondering who came up with them and how they were allowed to do so. So Calvin coined the term "The City of Dreams" as we passed town upon town.

When we arrived in the coastal city (also the largest in Atlantic Canada) it was already pretty late, so we found a nice church lot to sleep in. Across the way was a gas station which had bathrooms. Notice I don't say nice bathrooms, but we have seen much worse. However, before we found our lot, we were mistaken for a city bus, and found ourselves with an extra passenger. We then transformed into "Lily's Taxi Service" (a non-profit transportation organization), took our guest home and played some basketball in the student ghetto near Dalhousie University.

We woke up to a beautiful day, and spent the long weekend Saturday walking around the pier, the city and the historic citadel. One of our friends Sarah is living in Halifax and she showed us around. We also had a lot of fun re-distributing the moneys we had made while playing music in Ottawa. There were plenty of great musicians who were much more deserving of those twonies and loonies than we were.

At the end of the day, we went back to where we were parked by the water, and noticed that the wooden ship we had seen cruising the harbour was now parked in the dock adjacent to the RV. Naturally we wanted a tour of the beautiful ship, so we offered the crew a tour of Lily for a tour of the boat. They took the bait.

After checking out the 65 year old ship (which had crossed the ocean many times and at one point even had a cheetah and monkey living aboard), we ended up chatting with a sweet dude, T, from South Africa who was a crew member. He told us all kinds of crazy stories of his friends who had been attacked by sharks, sting rays and moray eels as they surfed and sailed the 7 seas. If we ever are in need of some extra dangerous adventures, we now know who to call.

Right before we went to sleep, we were all journalling pier side under the moon with our oil lamp. Suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder. I swung around, and by golly, wouldn't you know it, it was Blair! Our friend who is living in PEI but from New Brunswick had landed up in Halifax with his girlfriend and noticed us by the water! We told him about the last couple of days, and he hooked us up with his friend Keira for dinner the next night. He also gave us more information for some people to hang with near his hometown of Sackville, NB.

It's a small world when you're on the road, and we love that.

P.S. Pictures to come.

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