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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Drive Through Province

 Upon speaking with a certain number of individuals, we found out that New Brunswick is often referred to as the drive through province. AKA there is nothing to do there. When we entered the province, we spent the night in a parking lot and Jordan woke up nice and early to take us into Fredericton.  I guess our impression of the province wasn’t improved with the rain that was obstructing the fun times we were looking to have.

Our drive into the city however also provided us with our first set of hitchhikers.  The Open Road Project Rules and Regulations state in Chapter 4 Section 2 that, achem, “Every person and or persons and or living creature travelling with said person or persons looking for a ride on any set of 400 series, Trans Canada Series or any other series navigatable roadways must be offered a ride at least as far as the next planned destination.”

When we saw our two rainy friends hanging out by the side of the road, dripping wet with a dog, we almost looked for a loophole in the system. However, we quite enjoyed chatting with them, and the small dog was very well behaved. We also found it odd that they were the first hitchers we had seen thus far. We dropped them off and they gave us directions into the city.

Thanks to a kind receptionist at St. Thomas University, we were able to sneak into the showers without a student card or the $3 squash fee. That was a nice shower. Living on the road really shows you how unnecessary it is to shower everyday and to wash clothes after you wear have only worn them once. I mean heck, even socks and underwear can be recycled over and over. Just ask Dylan.

We gave Fredericton one last chance by walking down the main drag. We found a cool music store, but that was about it. In our travels we also talked to a few people who said that Fredericton was better than Moncton, automatically knocking that city off of our places to stop…
Nervous breakdown, Fredericton style.
There were 14 minutes on the parking meter when we arrived. More than enough time to see the town.
Next stop, the Prince's Island.

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