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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lists Part 1/3

When Jamie wrote the post W.A.L.T he listed all the names that family and friends have called this trip. After reading it, I realized just how great lists were. The more I thought about it, the more I decided you would like to see a few lists. So, three lists will be coming your way, in the next few day pertaining to things we have reflected on during our trip. Enjoy!

List #1: Essential Items for a 5 Week Road Trip

Several times over the course of the trip people that we have met have told us that they like the way we travel. We have heard more than once that we travel in style. The following are the bare necessities that can be found in our RV, that are crucial to traveling in style:

Lint Roller
Painting of “The Last Supper”
Hockey sticks
Basketball net
3 piece Suits
5 Lawnchairs
Cajon (Box drum, table, chair combo)
20 Pairs of Sunglasses
6 way speaker system and 10” sub
A dozen pillows
20 different hats
Gas powered generator
Portable stereo (or “boombox” if you will)
5 man tent
2 coolers
Giant bag of pretzels (2kg)
Bolivian Steering knob
Plexyglass window
Multiple multi-tools
Graffiti tattoo's
this is all just off the top, but if you remember just a few of these you should be ok.

Cheers,The Boys

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