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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trailer Park Boys: T minus 1

This day was pretty fantastic. Too much neatness to describe independently, so here’s a pretty simple run down.

08:00 Breakfast at mini-yo-we

09:00 Climbed a legitimate rock face with a harness and belay

12:00 Found Hope’s trailer park

13:00 Met up with our dear friends Hope, Grace and Jewel

15:00 Saw a deerv 10 ft away. (tried to feed it, failed)

15:30 Canoed

16:00 Climbed a Cliff, jumped it.

18:00 Dinner in Huntsville

19:30 On route cottage, delayed by- and witnessed a dynamite construction explosion on HWY 169

21:00 Discovered Party Island, met some new friends at the Dwyers

22:00 Opened parting gift of new muscle shirt bestowed upon me by Kellermann to break-in

24:00 Midnight cereal bowl, heavenly snooze.

If you ask me, that is a pretty successful Muskoka day. It is not very often you can get so much neatness in one location. However, we are kinda missing the crew and are excited to be re-united tomorrow at Camp Crossroads.

Cheers,The Boys

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