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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jurassic Park IV: Rise of the Albertasaurus.

Our time in Alberta up until this point has been extremely enjoyable. Greeted by large farmers fields very representative of the Canadian west, it was almost too picturesque to drive past without actually taking the picture. When we arrived at the Albertan Border, we trekked through the field’s of wheat making sure that every step was with the grain, and made it to the top of the hill and snapped a few nice ones.
Later that night we made it into Medicine Hat in good time for a swim in a sludgy river. We then found a few gems at the local Value Village and rested at a Safeway for a nice spaghetti cookout. (Safeway is our new favourite grocery store. Each one has a gas station and now that we are members of the Safeway Points Club, we get $0.05 off each litre of fuel with the purchase of $35 in groceries. SCORE! Thanks employee of the month Katie! Wow that was an extremely long parenthesis description)Late that night we pulled into a random provincial park parking lot with no idea what we were in the midst of. However, early next morning with the break of dawn, we awoke to an astonishing landscape. We were in Dinosaur Provincial park. Our mothers would have been proud as we got up for the earliest guided hike. This place is actually surreal. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, There are Dinosaur bones by the thousands concentrated in an area. One can find them even just jutting out of the sandstone. HOW NEAT. After a great day of exploring, finding and touching reveal dino bones and pretending to be in Jurassic park, obviously, we had enough daylight to get to Calgary.

At this point of the trip, everything is going so splendidly, we're starting to think that nothing could ever go wrong...

Cheers,The Boys


  1. Well, boys, Josh's Uncle Ron here! Hope all is well in the Drum! Heller that is ye' all! I was out there way back in 84' when my sister lived near the Dino bones in a little one-dirt-road main street town called Rockyford, Alberta! If you get a chance check it out; Keep on pluggin'

  2. Sounds great boys. An update on your thoughts, reflections, conversations and such would be sweet. Or even a video blog answering a question or 2 where you all chime in? Just ideaers.

  3. Hey guys! It's Katie!

    I promised I would you look you guys up so here I am! (Thanks for the "Employee of the Month" compliment; made me smile.)

    It looks like you guys have had some awesome adventures!

    Vancouver by tonight eh? I Love Vancouver! It's stunning out there. Whistler's really cool if you guys want to ride on a Gondola and check out some neat art galleries! Just a thought anyway...

    P.S. - I told my Mom about what you guys are doing and showed her my postcard. (I did also give one to Cam and left one at the front desk at work.) She thinks that your "Open Road Project" is really great and said if you guys are coming back through this way that she'd love to have you all over for supper! No joke. She's an awesome cook. :) Let me know what you think! I'll check back in in a couple days and see.

    Take care guys! Good luck!