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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Madness of March.

flashback to this time 2 years ago. My entire life at this moment would be spent on the couch wearing sweatpants with Doritos cheese on my fingers, dishes unwashed in the sink- and my brother and dad right beside me.
This behaviour was totally justified because this time is the year that even my mom can understand: MARCH MADNESS PREVAILS.
last year during the tournament, I was in Australia, so things were a little bit different and most of the basketball talk happened over skype. however, it is safe to say that this year i have experienced the most madness of anytime during my life. school is winding down- meaning the work load before exams is winding up. summer is approaching which only means the job search intensifies. (which reminds me: To all you CEOs reading, i've decided the only way to make this fair is for you all to pick a number between one and a thousand. and i work for whoever gets it right on.)

k great job search is now off the To-Do, but still much madness remains.

like the madness of St. Patty's- i swear i saw that leprechaun. plus interacting with drunk "irish" people the entire day was quite an experience.
the Madness of school (30 page business reports, business presentations, labs, and not the slightest will to do any of it.)
And how could the madness of basketball that brings my old man to washington to watch the games, not help to exasperate my desire to do nothing but watch basketball.

its really quite maddening- but im lovin every minute of it.

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