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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a very unfortunate shower.

today things were running business as usual. back to the grind, class, study, eat, sleep. so around eleven this morning, after one early class i decided it was about time id get my day started. i grabbed my bodywash, hopped across the hall, and jumped in the shower. I normally would exclude this part of my life from the reading public, but several events, (completely out of my control) made it so that MY shower, did become a public thing. so i might as well share. so waters running, im sufficiently soaked to the point i would consider myself completely in the shower. and of course, its always then and only then does it don on me that i forgot my towel in my room.
i think to myself no worries, i live directly across the hall from the washroom, i may just have to do the naked jump across the hall, that i had to do the last time i forgot it. hopefully this time the cleaning lady's not in the hall watching.

...just kidding.

but i do continue with my shower, procrastinating the annoying fact that im going to have to dry off towel-less, or devise a plan to get back to my room, naked and unseen when all of a sudden, over then sound of the shower, i can hear someones alarm going off. man im thinking, thats a ridiculously loud alarm. so i continue to shower. then dave my roommate opens the door, and yells man it would suck for who ever's in the shower right now... im now putting two and two together, but respond skeptically. Why?! dave yells FIRE ALARM, we gotta go! i look down, im in mid soap, great. i hurry to rinse the majority of soap, i get out, look down, oh ya- no towel. my don runs in, as im drying myself off with paper towel, and starts to yell lets go hurry up, but cant quite finish the sentence without cracking up. what a situation. my doors locked, im being hurried outside by my don, and i make it outside in pajama pants, no shirt, jacket.. still mostly soaking wet. if that wasnt enough its about 11 50, when everybodys out walking to their 12 o clock class. and its november. at least my day is now started

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