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Monday, October 11, 2010


Everybody thinks thanksgiving originated when the European settlers came to colonize north america, and they encountered the Native Americans. from this, a beautiful picture of Settler and Native sitting down in harmony, sharing turkey and pumpkin together. This unfortunately is NOT true. No, Thanksgiving started somewhere else, and I've been led to believe I know where it is... COSTCO.
have you been in there this weekend!? everybody frantic to buy enough bulk gravy to feed their entire family, or to find a turkey too big for normal grocery regulations. i was in there friday, and the place was packed. over 15 free sample stations, all good, and all the old ladies too busy working to look up at me sampling (dream come true) I must have tried the miniature pumpkin pie sample a dozen times...
all the excitement was great, and the 227 dolla costco bill is average. but it really gets you thinking about thanksgiving. There are tons of things we can be thankful for and now I will toss things over to Jer for an update on his weekend.

I guess I am thankful for my first date, in well... a long time. Now this was one of those dates that was "set up" by someone else. Before you try to guess who the matchmaker is, relax because you will never guess. My accounting prof, Lynn Carty. She set me up for a Saturday afternoon date with MAL. Now again before you start trying to figure out who MAL is, (Mallorie? Marie-Ann Lacutie? ) Let me enlighten you. MAL is short for myaccountinglab, the online site where I get to practice my balance sheets and income statements. Not my idea of a good first date, but I mean, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. With my textbook as my wing-man I went in feeling confident. However very soon after starting, I looked out the window at the beautiful day which was much more enticing than MAL. Just as I started to be extremely confused with the questions MAL was asking me, and why she was asking them, my phone rang. It was a good friend of mine, Josh Willms who was there to save the day. He told me he could sense that I was in need of saving from a horrible situation and that he would be right over with some backup. Willms, Charles and Adam all came over. I ditched MAL without paying the bill and went outside. We grabbed 2 canoes and headed down the creek. What a great adventure. So much better than sitting inside on a beautiful weekend meant for hanging out with friends. So, now what I am really thankful for.
-A creek teeming with wildlife in my backyard.
-Silent Waters & the Red Rocket (The names of our sleek canoes)
-Pellet guns (For ship to ship warfare/hunting on the creek)
-Granola Crunchers (For a feast on the seas)
Also this weekend Willm and me went for a sweet trek down the beach and found enough dead animals (Flying, swimming and climbing kind) for what would make a great Roadkill Calendar. A bunch of us came down and had a giant bonfire on the beach after a night of Jack Astors chicken fingers, Value Village excursions and snacking galore during the Leafs domination at Olivia's with others of mine and jamie's great friends. We played Sequence (great game) and darts too. I guess Willm deserveres a shout out for his legitimate bullseye. (note: after his first two darts that missed the board completely)

The more I say, the more I realize at how packed and sweet this weekend was. One more highlight was skitching on my longboard behind Willms Buick Rendezvous. Charles was carving up a storm through the St Catharines subdivisions. Let us all be Thankful for family, friends, the blessings and for the bounty that we all enjoy in this country.

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