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Saturday, October 16, 2010


ok. imagine your self trying to study, or trying to have a conversation, or in any circumstance really, and your trying to focus. But you can't help but tune into a conversation thats going on between two randoms, just within earshot. this is very small list that have happened to us recently. these are just a few off the top, well be sure to continue to keep yall updated as randoms continue to make us laugh.

"i can run a kilometre in 3 minutes, maybe less"
- obnoxious dude in the 24 lounge trying to chat up a girl.

"If he thinks he can just tell me i'm beautiful, to get into my pants, he dunno! ...like ill make him tell me i'm 'fyynneee'., but if he still thinks he's getting into THESE apple bottom jeans... Helllllll nahhhhhhhh.
- hilarious [bootylicious] girl on skype with her girlfriend, in the DH.

"Im in favour of medical marijuana, i will certainly try it. i just haven't had the right injury yet"
- Global studies tutorial professor. (60+ year old women)

"i think i just got wheeled by the guy that works at the hub??"
- concerned girl talking with friend.

all these have been inspired by moments of hilarity that we have experienced throughout my days at WLU. since i began spreading the moments of joy with friends, i came to learn about a great facebook page called "Overheard at wlu." and in honour of that, we present Overheard- blog edition.

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